Serving Local Nonprofits and Merchants

Please give local has developed this conduit where merchants, consumers and nonprofits come together and support each other, our community and those who are in need. We like to think of it as a perfect circle where everyone has giving spirit in their heart.

PGL-FaviconPlease Give Local gives our merchants modern technology that allows them to stay in touch with customers recurrently through exclusive SMS, (text messaging), and IM, (instant messaging).

PGL-FaviconOur Apps are built to engage new consumers, and reward loyal customer through our Custom Branded Apps, downloadable through the Apple Store or Google Play.

PGL-FaviconConsumers benefit through special offers delivered via text and instant messaging features in our Merchants Apps.

PGL-FaviconIn return for merchant participation, our non-profits will use their resources to introduce the please give local program and then promote it’s merchants on going.

PGL-FaviconPlease Give Local donates 25% of gross proceeds to participating local Nonprofits

PGL-FaviconThis website is a portal where visitors can choose one of our participating Non Profits to learn more about their organizations and then have the opportunity to donate to them directly.

PGL-FaviconPlease give local is dedicated to benevolence, local businesses and community. We are also dedicated to the proposition that, Everyone Wins!!!